Millionaire club and dating and marketing and strategy

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About the author: Jaime Tardy is the founder of Eventual Millionaire, a blog where she interviews millionaires.Over the last few years, I’ve had the privilege of getting to know over 100 millionaires.That way you have a hard deadline to figure out all of the tech aspects of recording, etc. After I did my first three interviews, I realized it might be tough to find more millionaires. Here’s how you can do the same: Action item: Register as a Reporter on HARO and submit a query.If your site has an Alexa Rank of one million or less, this will be more effective.

Once I became known for interviewing millionaires, it became a lot easier to make new connections with the people on my list.

I had a list of amazing millionaires I wanted to connect with, from Gary Vaynerchuk to Dani Johnson.

Eventually, I emailed both Gary and Dani, and both ended up saying “yes”.

When I was mingling with people and found someone I wanted to further connect with, I said, “I’m putting together a little gathering.

There will be a sword swallower and a crazy card game called Cards Against Humanity.

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You can start to build a relationship by retweeting or sharing their content.