Natalie standiford the dating game series

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Natalie standiford the dating game series

When the Dating Game Web site that they create for class becomes a campus hit, as a matchmaking service and a forum for students' views on love, sex, and dating, the three friends hope it will help them take control of their love lives, too...

Holly, Lina, and Mads have mapped out a plan to definitely get the guys of their dreams. Is it time to put the brakes on the ultimate search for love?

By default, it sorts by the number, or alphabetically if there is no number.

If you want to force a particular order, use the | character to divide the number and the descriptor.

The Dating Game..only game where the rules keep changing.

Madison, Lina and Holly created The Dating Game as a way to get credit for their interpersonal Human Dynamics course (a fancy name for Sex Ed).

She and her brother form Team Seven in the Clue Hunt.She is from Boston, and her best-known skill is her knowledge.Amy Cahill was born to Hope Cahill, a Madrigal and Arthur Trent, a former Vesper and honorary Madrigal, three years before her brother Dan.Now they've become sought-after online matchmakers for their whole school!But the Dating Game has got too hot to handle - at least for the school's principal and parents.

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