Row editing and updating in gridview in asp net

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A new data binding mode will help you connect our Win Forms Data Grid control to your data source, even when the entire record count is unknown or infinite by nature (like a web service).Demo Documentation In multiple row selection mode, you can sync row selected states with a Boolean field in the bound data source.

New records will load and appear on screen as users scroll the Grid vertically.

Documentation We now use SVG icons by default in the following controls: To revert to previous behavior and use raster graphics instead, disable the 'Windows Forms Settings. The Dev Express Win Forms Map Control allows you to scroll image and vector maps "circularly."With this release, you can edit vector items at runtime.

We've developed a special toolbar panel to provide quick access to the most common editor functions.

You can now aggregate data by a custom unit of measurement (e.g.

15 minutes, 4 hours, etc.) You can also define a custom function that aggregates values using custom rules without modifying the source collection.

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This feature is compatible with both Geographical and Cartesian coordinate systems, as well as our newly introduced Circular Scrolling functionality.

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