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The best places to meet new people are in places where you are most comfortable: at your place of worship, a volunteer organization, or you might even want to spread your flirting wings by testing them safely on an online dating site.Socializing with your kids along can be a good way to ease back into the social scene.Also, give your children whatever amount of time they need to adjust to your new lifestyle.Talk to them openly about your need for adult companionship.

Your kids are probably better off with you alone than with your rebound-romance interest.

Many single parents avoid the whole question of dating by devoting all their time outside of work to their children.

At first glance, this seems like the "right thing to do" – and it's probably what your children would say they wanted if you were to ask their opinion. "Becoming socially active again is important because it helps free a parent from becoming obsessive about his or her parenting role," writes Vicki Lansky in her .

Before embarking on a new relationship, you should think about what you're looking for in a companion. What specific qualities will complement you, your children, and your lifestyle?

What type of companionship are you seeking: do you need a friend, a date, or are you hoping to remarry?

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