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But Foles, fresh off a playoff run with the Eagles, might be available if the Jets were to offer a package deal of packs.A package that might make sense, given that the Jets hold two picks in the second round.

Namath is all-in on the idea of the Jets going after Nick Foles, potentially sending multiple draft picks to the Philadelphia Eagles to do so.

Namath, an uncompromising advocate of marital fidelity, was devastated and for the next three years hit the bottle hard. But the thing that struck most was the scar of his failed marriage — the one, crushing low that had afflicted his 63-year-old life. Look where we are (he pointed to the beach beyond the bedroom terrace). I asked if he had drawn a final line through relationships and female company. “I was pretty aroused when I met this lady this morning.” He crossed the room and gave Dot a hug.

In December 2003, after a long day spent drinking, he embarrassed himself during a television interview and decided to enter rehab and had been sober for 1,107 days (he was counting), when I met him for the first time at a beach hotel in Florida in January 2007. “It was a pretty cruel thing to happen to you,” I observed. “It doesn’t have to be fair, but carrying resentment is one of the most unhealthy things you can do to yourself. Did you ever wonder why you were born where you were born and not in Somalia or some place?

The Super Bowl MVP might be on the market, with reports indicating that the Eagles would be willing to trade Foles given that Carson Wentz will be the starter in 2018.

With the Jets losing Cousins to the Minnesota Vikings and Case Keenum to the Denver Broncos, the top two free agents available at quarterback appear to be gone.

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I think the important thing is how long you’re able to make love.